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Lady Rider Overwhelmed By Options For Female Motorcycle Gear: Pink or Black

After an exhausting two minutes of flipping through every possible option for women’s motorcycle gear on RevZilla, local biker, Jenna McCall is almost ready to call it quits. “There’s just too many options for female riders,” Jenna said. “There are like four brands who offer gear specifically for women and each of those brands provide a staggering two color options: Pink or Black. It’s just too much.”

Jenna isn’t alone in her struggle, either. This very same problem appears to impact women all across the globe.

“We get frequent complaints about offering our female riders too many options,” said a spokesperson for one of the manufacturers. “That’s why we’ve decided to cancel our release of a third color option: White. You’re welcome, ladies.”

Fortunately, manufacturers seem to have gotten the memo before dipping into some of the colors they offer men, such as: black, white, grey, blue, green, orange, yellow, red, Ducati Red, Aprilia not-to-be-confused-with-Ducati Red, burgundy, burnt sienna, cyan, dark cyan, slightly less dark than dark cyan, sky blue, morning sky blue, afternoon sky blue, It’s 5 o’clock somewhere sky blue, etc.

“Look, black goes with every motorcycle, and pink goes with literally zero stock motorcycle paint schemes,” Jenna said. “It’s a perfect balance. Yin and Yang. Whatever you do, don’t give us a reasonable number of options.”

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