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“KTMs Are Better From Factory,” Says Enduro Rider Who Swapped All Factory Parts W/ Aftermarket Parts

In an exclusive interview, an enduro rider and KTM owner, Kyle Williams, explains why so many offroad riders are die-hard KTM fans. “It’s pretty straightforward,” Kyle said. “KTMs are just superior from the factory. It’s worth spending a few extra bucks to have that better equipment. That way, when you inevitably replace everything on it with aftermarket parts, they’ll look much better sitting in a cardboard box in the corner of your garage than stock Honda parts would.” The ‘extra bucks’ Kyle is referring to is the additional cash needed to purchase a KTM over its competition. It also includes the thousands of dollars every enduro rider is required to spend on aftermarket parts.

“An enduro rider is only as good as his/her aftermarket parts,” said Kyle. “You can’t just show up to the trails without a rekluse clutch, jumbo cooling fan, tubeless tire, and custom graphics kit with a race number. You’ll look like a C Class rider… which we are, but you don’t need to look like it. Think of it like riding jerseys. Are they really any different than any long-sleeve shirt? No, but I own six of them.”

Some riders within the enduro community have even spent more money on aftermarket parts and gear than the bike itself.

“We call that being a “Moddict,” Kyle said. “It’s a serious condition.”


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