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KTM’s New Models Jump $1,000 To Cover Costs of Changing ‘2023’ To ‘2024’ On Website

The new, 2024 KTM Enduro lineup has announced that it will continue its proud tradition of increasing prices every year to cover a whole host of new changes that totally make a difference and are not just marketing mumbo-jumbo designed to get you to trade in your old model in hopes that this new model will finally be able to overshadow your sheer lack of talent. “Our motto is that everyone should treat their dirtbikes like Billionaires treat their wives,” said Lukas Wagner, Chief Marketing Officer at KTM. “Trade your old one in every year or so for a new one… even though it’s expensive and they’re both so covered in plastic that the only real way to tell one is younger than the other is by looking at their date of birth on their ID’s/ VINs. That’s where we come in.” KTM’s marketing team released an extremely impressive, 54-minute video going over all the new changes that make the 2024 KTM totally worth the price increase. After a lengthy intro showing a professional rider doing things only you can do if you own the latest model, KTM highlighted several changes new riders should be excited about. “Look, this is more than just changing our website to say ‘2024’ before each model… though that was super tricky and took, like, an entire hour to do,” Lukas said. KTM’s launch video highlighted multiple changes to the bike itself including:

A new frame that has a VIN showing it's a 2024 model.

A swingarm with a new tire pressure sticker that says 2024 on it.

New Forks and shocks that each have new part numbers explaining that it is, in fact, a 2024 part.

“It’s more than just that!” said Lukas. “We also extended a few things by millimeters here and there, which has nothing to do with the fact that a 4 in our KTM-branded font is wider than the 3 by a few mms.”

Finally, the big reveal was that KTM’s new models would have a new quick shifter that their street division mastered many years ago – requiring zero research & development costs.

“A complicated electronic package that adds several pounds to the overall weight of the motorcycle is exactly what our fans have been asking for,” Lukas said. “You know, the same people that were willing to buy KTMs without kick starters and kickstands in hopes to save every possible ounce of weight and almost exclusively make their choice based on how light a ride is… again, like a billionaire.”

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