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‘Karma's A B*tch!’ Motorcycle Chain Overjoyed As Suzuki Cuts The GSX-R 1000; Neglecting Gixxer Bros

Motorcycle chains worldwide are celebrating the news that Suzuki has decided to pull its iconic GSX-R 1000 from its lineup – leaving thousands of Gixxer Bros feeling ignored and neglected.

“It’s nothing against the motorcycle,” said one of the chains. “I’d happily take that rear wheel for a spin and I’m sorry to see it go. It’s the crotch atop the crotch rocket that needs to have his master link checked.”

The ‘Gixxer Bro’ the chain is referring to is a creature that was born alongside the GSX-R 1000 and has developed a reputation for putting off even the most basic types of motorcycle maintenance. This includes cleaning and lubricating the chain.

“It’s just nice to see them put down the can of Red Bull and get a big ol’ taste of their own medicine for once.”

While this has been a hefty victory for motorcycle chains, they hope this will be a lesson for others who think riding in the rain will clean the chain nicely.

“Just remember that what goes around comes around. More specifically, what spends years of its life going round and round at extremely high speeds while being stored underneath a tarp in the backyard could use a little lube before getting screwed for another 20k miles.”

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