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‘It’s Just Motorcycles!’ Teenager Caught Looking At Jaret Campisi YouTube Videos

A teenage boy is grounded after his mother discovered him browsing Jaret Campisi’s YouTube channel – a page dedicated to a giant pair of ti…res. Despite being sentenced to two weeks without screen time, teenager Jeffrey Toobin Jr. still claims he is innocent. “I know this has come out of nowhere, but since puberty, I’ve been super interested in motorcycles,” said Jeffrey. “I don’t know what it is, but I’m suddenly obsessed with the beautiful curves and imagining myself on top of one. The motorcycles, I mean.”

Jeffrey’s mother isn’t so sure, though. She claims that in just a few minutes of listening in through the door, she heard the following statements from one video:

“Now if Big-T*tty Teens wouldn’t mind unwrapping this big package for the camera.”

“How about some whiskey before we get everything lubed up?”

“Just got off this exotic beauty for the last time before I have to give her away to her owner… I probably spent $80k on her over the last few months. This has to be the world’s most expensive, lightest, and most beautiful Italian I’ve ever ridden.”

Even with the evidence piling up against him, Jeffrey defends the fact that there’s more to the channel than just soft-core Pornigales.

“If you look beyond the bikinis and bikes, you’ll see a channel that reminds you every single day why nobody is waiting tables in a world where Only Fans exists.”

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