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“I Used To Ride Dirt Bikes,” Man Miraculously Justifies Hayabusa As First Motorcycle

Against all odds, a local man has established an irrefutable argument as to why he should purchase the 600-pound, 190-horsepower Suzuki Hayabusa as his first bike. “I naively started my journey looking at Ninja 400s and Rebel 300s, but then I remembered that I used to ride my cousin’s Honda XR 50,” said Jerry Waddle, new Hayabusa owner. “This revelation opened my eyes to a whole new world of speeding tickets, never learning proper riding techniques, and possible death.”

Armed with the unwavering reassurance that only three hours of riding a child’s toy can offer, Jerry had all the reasons he needed to purchase a ‘Busa. “Since the XR 50 didn’t have a clutch, I was a little worried about changing gears,” Jerry said. “That’s when I discovered the Hayabusa can do 90 mph in 1st gear. It has also been around a long time, so I’m sure I can find aftermarket training wheels for it just like the XR 50 had.”

While the ‘pro’s’ are practically limitless, Jerry’s mature and rational mind was able to identify a ‘Con’.

“I kind of wish it was a Honda since I grew up riding Hondas and all.”



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