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'I Know What I Have,' Says Used Motorcycle Seller Who Clearly Has No Idea What He Has

In what can only be described as a brilliant financial move, Larry Thompson has decided to put his used motorcycle – with 25,000 miles – on the market for $5,000 above the bike’s MSRP when new. “Putting my baby up for sale, no trades, cash only, price is firm, I know what I have,” said the ad listed by Larry. Larry provided several explanations when asked why he was selling his heavily used motorcycle for more than it was worth new. “Before I dropped it and replaced the fairings with cheap Chinese alternatives, this model was equipped with bold-new graphics back in 2009,” Larry said. “It’s also limited production being #23,312 of 50,000 made for the entire world. So, when you factor in inflation, Rossi retiring, and the fact that I’m about to get evicted, the listed price starts to make sense.”

Larry has also spent years modifying the motorcycle to absolute perfection.

“I’m a tasteful person, so I’ve tastefully modified this tasteful machine with the tastiest of tasteful mods,” said Larry. “For example, check out this Double Bubble, extra-tall, dark-tinted, windscreen that I spray painted black. Nobody is looking through that thing. Also, it’s not actually Double Bubble. It’s the Chinese equivalent: Pair O’ Poppers.”

Just an hour after posting, Larry’s ad has already received loads of attention.

“People can’t believe the deal they're seeing,” Larry said. “I can’t even count the number of messages I’ve received saying, ‘You can’t be serious.’”


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