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HS/LS Co-hosts Visibly Uncomfortable With Spurgeon’s Latest Tangent

Scenes reminiscent of a middle school dance here on the set of “Highside/Lowside” as co-hosts Ari Henning and Zack Courts shuffle awkwardly back and forth while Spurgeon Dunbar continues on a tangent that’s lasted 27 minutes and counting. “... which is why it seems obvious to me that Jesus would have ridden a KTM over any other manufacturer if he had had the option,” said Spurgeon stopping momentarily to take a sip of something (potentially) alcoholic.

During this one rant, Spurgeon has covered topics such as the ethics of pineapple on pizza, the benefits of homeschooling, why cyan-colored lightsabers are best, WW1-era submarines, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and the best socks to wear with rollerblades. “It’s not that he hasn’t made some fair points,” said Zack. “It’s just that the topic for today’s podcast was how to prevent your helmet visor from fogging up.” With the Motul shoutout and news recap taking up half the podcast already, the RevZilla team is growing more desperate to right the ship and slow down the surging Spurg – despite being woefully out opinionated.

“I already tried my trusty, ‘alright, alright, let’s move on,’ line,” said Zack. “Unfortunately, he’s too far gone to hear me.”

With the podcast’s fate on the line, the RevZilla team has decided to risk it all with something so extreme, that it could either derail Spurgeon’s current tangent or send him spiraling into non-motorcycle-related-side-story limbo – never to return.”

“We didn’t want to do this, but you left us no choice, buddy… Godspeed,” said Ari right before saying. “The V-strom can do everything the 890 Adventure can, for less money.”

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