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Harley Davidson To Add Playing Card To Wheel of LiveWire To Make It Sound Like Real Motorcycle

CHECKMATE, PETROL HEADS: LiveWire has announced that it will be adding a playing card to the spokes of its electric motorcycles to enhance the riding experience – a true gamechanger for the electric motorcycle industry. “Ignoring range, price, and weight, everyone knows the only disadvantage of an electric motorcycle is that it doesn’t sound bitchin’,” said Dominic Gordon, Cheif Engineer for LiveWire. “Our new, state-of-the-art playing cards will solve that problem. The playing cards will be branded after LiveWire’s parent company, Harley Davidson. “Given that Harley Davidson is first and foremost a merchandising company, it was the obvious choice,” Dominic said. “Plus, Harley is already used to slapping their logo on products that have changed very little since their original launch.”

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