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Harley-Davidson Doubles Down On American Heritage By Stealing Indian’s Stuff

In a desperate attempt to gain more riches and fame, Harley-Davidson has decided to straight up claim Indian’s property as their own – despite Indian being established longer. This blatant theft comes in the form of Harley-Davidson’s new, ‘CVO’ models that take all the natural beauty Indian has enjoyed for so long and slaps an H.D. Eagle Wing logo on them. CVO is believed to stand for “Civilized Values Only,” but we could not verify this with Harley-Davidson. “It’s not like that,” said one exec from Harley. “We’re friends with Indian and respect that they’ve spent generations mastering the American-Classic-Cruiser landscape. But when push comes to po-ta-to, this country isn’t big enough for the both of us.”

Interestingly enough, Harley-Davidson is completely uninterested in incorporating the heart and soul that gave Indians their character.

“Horsepower is so barbaric, that’s why we’ve spent generations ensuring our motorcycles have to rely on something far more powerful and sophisticated: Tow-truck power.”

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