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Graham Jarvis Removes Helmet To Reveal He’s Actually A Mountain Goat

In a surprise to nobody who has seen a Graham Jarvis video, it turns out everyone’s favorite enduro rider/show-off is actually a mountain goat.

In an interview early yesterday, Graham removed his helmet to reveal a fluffy white coat of fur and beady black eyes. “I mean, it makes sense,” said a riding buddy of Graham. “I’ve seen the guy go up sheer cliff faces and bound from boulder to boulder on just his back wheel. Plus, whenever someone calls him the G.O.A.T. he always turns around and says, ‘yes?’” Some feel this minor detail may have given Graham an unfair advantage throughout his impressive career.

“I don’t think that’s the case,” Graham said. “Just like everyone else, I’m just enjoying the baaaa *cough*, excuse me… braap life.”

In other news, Tractor Supply Company has replaced rockstar energy as Graham’s primary sponsor.

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