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GoPro Accuses Off-Road Rider Of Making Everything Seem Steeper Than It Really Is

“How can we be so sure that his human eyes are more accurate than my lenses when it comes to perceiving reality?”

This was the question proposed by one GoPro after its master – an offroad adventure rider – once again blamed the GoPro for making hill climbs and terrain seem ‘less extreme than they really are.’

“I let it slide the first dozen or so times,” GoPro said. “I just figured his ego was hurt after allowing slight inclines to mercilessly expose all his weak points as a rider. But enough is enough.”

Upon hearing this stand, GoPros everywhere have announced that they will no longer be blamed every time an offroad rider’s ambitions outpace their skillsets.

“If I have to hear another person utter the words, ‘the GoPro doesn’t do it justice,’ I’m going to do nothing and keep doing my job,” GoPro said. “That’s because I am a machine designed to do one thing, capture the world as it is. I don’t let emotion, embarrassment, pride, or glory warp my perception of reality… So, who do you really believe?”

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