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Enduro Rider Asks If The Container Ships Stuck At Ports Have Tried Letting Some Air Out Of Tires

Container ships all across the western coasts of Canada and the United States have been stuck at ports for months now, creating a massive shipping crisis across the globe. Fortunately, we’ve gotten reports that one Enduro dirtbike rider may have a solution to get them ‘unstuck.’ “All I’m saying is have they tried to let some air out of their tires yet?” said Jeremy Banks, avid enduro rider. “I’ve been stuck on some gnarly hill climbs and in mud over the years and dropping the tires’ PSI has gotten me out of it all.”

We took a moment to explain to Jeremy that the ships were 'stuck' in the ocean.

“Doesn’t matter, bro,” Jeremy said. “I’ve been in water and mud up to my pegs and powered through. I’ve seen those ships. Only like 30% of them are under water… which is probably equivalent to my pegs being under water. Just pressure down and send it.” It turns out that Jeremy has given this advice before. Quite often. For nearly every situation.

“Stuck in depression?” Jeremy said. “Let out some air and get yourself out of it. That’s pretty much what Yoga is.” We’ve passed this information on to the crews of the ships, but it doesn’t seem to have helped any since they're just waiting in line.

“Doesn't matter why they're stuck,” James said. "Stuck is stuck. Have they tried standing on the pegs yet?"


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