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Ducati To Open Up Its Own Crayon Line With Red, Red, and Red As Its Featured Colors

BOLOGNA, ITALY -- Ducati, known primarily for manufacturing motorcycles, has announced that it will be launching a new line of crayons.

“We wanted children to recognize the name ‘Ducati’ early on,” said Marco Romano, Chief Marketing Officer at Ducati. “And what better way to do that than to help kids unlock their imaginations -- so long as they use the color red to do so.”

Each pack comes with a variety of colors, such as: “Passion of Panigale Red”, “The Diavel’s Red Rocket Red”, “HypermotoRED,” and “Menstruating Monster Red” (named after Marco’s ex).

Each 12 pack of these Ducati Crayons will cost €99 euros or approximately $113 USD.

“You’re paying for the name,” Marco said. “Plus, we want kids around the world to know that if they stay in school, win the lottery, or rob a bank, they too can one day afford to own a Ducati product.”

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