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Ducati Creates Super Helpful Scale That Tells You Your Dry Weight

In an effort to make everyone’s life a little better, Ducati has launched a new scale that only shows a person’s dry weight – their total weight after ignoring insignificant factors such as water, blood, saliva, etc.

“We found that ‘traditional’ scales on the market just don’t make any sense,” said Francesco Bianchi, head of research & development at Ducati. “How can you fairly calculate a person’s weight when different bodies hold different amounts of fluid? I mean the obvious example is that men have Semen and women don’t. It’s just not fair.” To even the playing field, Ducati’s state-of-the-art scale takes bodily fluids out of the equation. It works by scanning the body, ignoring 70% of what makes a human body function, and then calculates the person’s dry weight.

For those who prefer the more traditional ‘wet weight’ numbers, Ducati says you can find out how much fluid is in your body with this simple equation: total body water = 2.447 − 0.09516 A + 0.1074 height + 0.3362 weight (liters) (yr) (cm) (kg) (SD: 3.76, r2: 70.4%)

“Not only does this help people feel better about themselves by artificially lowering numbers to improve self-esteem, but it also makes everyone better at math,” Francesco said. “It is a win-win for everyone.”

The scale will be in dealerships in the next few months and customers will have the option to choose from two colors: Ducati Red or Ducati Red.

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