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Despite Speaking 4 Languages, Fabio Quartararo Running Low On Polite Ways To Say His Bike Is Slow

Fabio Quartararo has spent the last several weeks watching his hefty MotoGP Championship lead disappear and is now trailing Bagnaia by 23 points going into the season's final stage.

To make matters worse, Fabio has also exhausted the combined vocabulary of four different languages to try and find new, polite ways to say that the Ducatis can go faster in reverse than his Factory Yamaha can go in 6th gear.

“Ya, you know I’ve really been giving it my all and riding to my limits, but I dunno… It’s a… well the bike is maybe not so spritely… or uhm… like Vin Diesel would say, ‘I said a ten-second car, not a ten-minute car,’” Fabio said. “In other words, sometimes the race between the turtle and the rabbit, the turtle f*ckin blows a 91-point MotoGP lead. Pardon my French.”

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