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BREAKING: Suzuki R&D Officially The Easiest Job In The World

Earlier today, Suzuki Moto Corporation’s research and development (R&D) branch was awarded “Easiest Job In The World” by the Laziness Appreciation for Real Do-nothingers Association (L.A.R.D.ASS.) – the organization’s highest honor. “Suzuki R&D has always been at the top of our radar, but with recent rumors that they’ll no longer be participating in MotoGP – the last domain in which they gave a sh*t – there’s really no doubt at this point,” said Brian Swealty, Founder & CEO of L.A.R.D.ASS. Suzuki’s dedication to doing the same thing decade after decade has allowed it to beat out rivals such as Harley Davidson’s R&D team, the MT-09’s front tire, and Yammie Noob’s Shampoo for the title of easiest job ever. “I feel like this has been a long time coming,” said Ren Tanaka, chief technology officer at Suzuki Motor Corporation. “We had a few setbacks – like when we made the GSX-R 1000’s headlight smaller for the latest gen – but when all was said and done, we stuck to our copy and paste principles and came out on top.”

The award-winning R&D team plans to display their well-earned L.A.R.D.ASS. award front and center.

“We will be sure to put it right up front; next to our ‘If It Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It’ motivational poster.”

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