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BREAKING: Repsol CBR 250 Rider Seen Wearing Number 93 Helmet Not Actually Marc Márquez

A man seen leaving a local Mcdonald's on a Repsol Honda 250 has caused quite a stir as many believed he was eight-time Grand Pix World Champion: Marc Márquez. “I mean, did you see the kit he was on?,” said one bystander. “It’s not like just anybody could get their hands on a machine sponsored by Respol and HRC racing. And even if they could, it would just be ridiculous, borderline disrespectful, for some average joe to throw on a famous racing number as he rides around with a blinker-he-forgot-to-turn-off-5-miles-ago still flashing.”

Some began to have their doubts, however, when the rider appeared to be a 6 foot 2, 230-pound, Hispanic man – a smidge off from the reportedly 5 foot 7, 143-pound Spaniard.

“I mean, they both speak Spanish,” said another bystander.

This isn’t the only instance of an imposter wreaking havoc, either. Reports worldwide of #20 Scorpion helmets and #63 Suomy helmets have also been flowing in. There are even disturbing cases of people still trying to milk Valentino Rossi fans for everything they’ve got by sporting #46 AGV helmets.

“I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw someone sporting the Monster logo alongside the number 46,” said one lifelong Rossi fan. “Sure, I thought it was strange Rossi was racing Dodge Chargers from stoplight to stoplight on a stretched Yamaha R6, but I wanted so badly for it to be true that I ignored the warning signs. I was heartbroken when I saw him punch the first mirror and realized it was just another two-wheeled douche rocket.”

If you spot any of these imposters please report them to your local authorities and remind them that they spent $200 additional dollars on their helmets’ look-alike graphics just to appear extra silly when they stall and tip over on small inclines.



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