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BREAKING NEWS: Guy Martin Has Been Speaking English This Whole Time

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

In a surprise to everyone not from Grimsby, England, former motorcycle racer and all around badass, Guy Martin has been speaking English this entire time.

Dozens of speech, language, and accent specialists spent weeks trying to decode what the adrenaline-addict was saying.

“The guy has more charm in one of his curls than most people have in their entire body,” said one specialist. “So it really doesn’t matter what he’s saying, but as professionals, we were curious.”

After spending many hours watching post-race interviews and episodes of “Speed with Guy Martin,” the researchers were able to conclude that Guy, in fact, speaks English.

When asked to confirm these findings, Guy Martin had this to say, “Cheers, dʒʌʃ wejtɪn fɔ summn’ ta undastaaand wut I syn.’”

We’re not sure what he said, but we think he announced that he will be playing Marvel’s Wolverine in the next movie.

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