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BREAKING: Man That’s Demoed Every Bike On Dealership Floor No Closer To Buying Anything

A serial motorcycle demoer has announced that he is finally ready to make a decision after spending years test-riding every bike on the floor of his local dealership. “It’s been a long road on borrowed rubber, but I’d like to thank my dealership’s loose test-ride policy, my parents for letting me still live with them while I tour other housing options, and those willing to buy my sloppy-second demos so that the dealership can afford to keep letting me sample their wares,” said Don Juan, amateur test rider. “With that said, I am happy to announce that I’ve finally decided that I’m ready to continue on my journey to see what’s out there.”

With so many motorcycles available these days, Don feels this is the best decision to ensure he has time to enjoy each bike for what they bring to the table before settling down with just one. “I have a real weakness for the Italians, but I can never see them working long-term,” said Don. “The ones from America options are a bit large, the Japanese ones tend to be missing that little spark of excitement I like, and a lot of the British bikes often come with a high-pitched whine that I can only handle for so long.”

While Don insists he is just holding off until he meets his perfect match, dealerships are starting to have their doubts.

“Look the guy is like a solid 4 when it comes to riding ability,” said one dealership owner. “We all know he’s not out there showing bikes moves they’ve never seen before. I get it’s fun to play around with different options when you’re young, but it’s about time Don grows up, picks one to live with, then after a few years take a massive financial hit by trading it in for a newer model – you know, like the most of us do.”



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