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BREAKING: Hornet 750 Stars In Latest Episode Of ‘Catfish’

MTV’s “Catfish” – a show where people investigate whether or not someone they met online is who they claimed to be, or someone completely different (aka a ‘catfish’) – had a guest appearance from Honda Powersports’ very own Hornet 750. “Tons of Honda fans fell in love with the Hornet 750 when they were first introduced via photos on the internet,” said Nev Schulman, co-host of “Catfish. “However, I had a sneaky suspicion that the photos were stolen… possibly from someone orange in Austria.”

Nev and his team spent weeks digging through concept photos and social profiles to see if the Hornet was all it advertised itself to be.

“While doing research we came across several bold claims that the Hornet made on its Tinder profile,” Nev said. “Some of these include, ‘Finally, a KTM you can rely on’ and ‘MT’s lion-sized balls without the MT’s housecat-sized-butthole face.’ It just seemed too good to be true coming from the company that makes the NC 750.” The show was finally able to find the real Hornet 750 and break the bad news to all those hoping for more.

“I feel really bad for everyone who fell for it,” Nev said. “Actually, come to think of it… the actual bike looks kind of childish. Are we sure it’s even of age?!”

Next up, hundreds of Honda hopefuls to appear on “To Catch a Predator.”

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