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BMW Releases The 2022 F 3000 GS 4W Adventure Motorcycle

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

BERLIN, GERMANY -- BMW Motorrad announced today their new motorcycle that’s designed to sit at the pinnacle of the GS lineup: The 2022 F 3000 GS Adventure.

“With adventure bikes getting more powerful, heavier and pricier each year, we decided to get ahead of the game with the new 3000 GS 4W,” said Alfred Krüger, Chief Designer & Engineer at BMW.

The new GS boasts a 3.0 L engine that puts out a segment-leading 382 horsepower @ 5,800 RPM. In order to fit the new engine inside the frame, BMW had to make a few tweaks from the previous generation GS.

“For starters, the thing is heavy as s**t,” Krüger said. “There’s just no way to lift it up if the bike were to tip over during common adventure-bike maneuvers… like leaving a Starbucks parking lot. We put our minds together and came up with a groundbreaking solution. Let’s use four wheels.”

The new model GS comes standard with four Pirelli P Zero All Season tires that are designed to keep the 4,317 pound motorcycle upright and stable in all but the most extreme situations.

“We were able to save some weight by removing the kick stand,” said Krüger

Despite the changes, GS fans will be happy to know that the 3000 GS 4W keeps many of the same rider comforts they’ve come to love, such as heated seats, cruise control, comfortable passenger accommodations, and wind protection that has been improved with the new model.

“This will be our very first motorcycle to be fitted with our revolutionary new 360 degree fairings,” said Krüger. “It will allow riders to stay completely dry in the rain and protected from wind blast. Riders will of course be able to roll down parts of the wind shield to let in a slight breeze and feel more in sync with the world around them.”

The F 3000 GS 4W should start hitting dealerships sometime this Fall at a starting price of around $43,000 -- not too bad of a step up considering the added power and features.

When asked whether or not BMW had plans to release an off-road version of the new adventure motorcycle, a BMW spokesperson responded with, “You mean… like dirt and stuff? Why would you want to do that?”



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