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Biker Punches Mirror Off Car In Hopes Driver Will Use That Mirror Next Time

Outraged by the fact that a stupid, self-absorbed driver didn’t check his side mirror before changing lanes, a stupid, self-absorbed motorcyclist has taken it upon himself to punch off the side mirror altogether – ensuring the car will be extra oblivious to future motorcyclists.

“Yo that cager pulled right over in front of me and I was like, ‘bro watch this sh*t’ and broke his mirror,” said Dolt Dunceton, a motorcyclist with an IQ low enough to obey the speed limit of the entire U.S. highway system. “I bet now he’ll think twice before not using the mirror that ain't there no more.”

It’s a bold tactic as nothing says, ‘keep an eye out for motorcycles’ quite like forcefully removing the very object designed to help cars keep an eye out for motorcycles.

This phenomenon is known as ‘mirror smashing’ and it has happened thousands of times – helping approximately 0 car drivers gain compassion and concern for people on two wheels. “You know, I never really thought about motorcyclists until one physically assaulted my property,” said one stupid car driver after having his mirror knocked off. “Now, instead of having to sit and reflect on how maybe I shouldn’t be so self-centered and put in the smallest of efforts to use blinkers and mirrors, I can just play the victim card and internally justify my idiotic behavior by saying, ‘at least I wasn’t an irresponsible prick on purpose.’”

After conducting a survey as to why motorcyclists smash mirrors, the same phrase kept popping up: ‘Use it or lose it.’ Researchers were a little confused by this logic until they realized this is precisely what happened to the brains of people who smash mirrors.

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