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Biker Briefly Feels Like Secret Agent As He Changes Volume On Helmet Bluetooth Device

“I’ve got the blue Altima in sight, proceeding to follow… going 40 IN A 55!!... Over. ” These were the words local motorcyclist Jeffery Brown whispered to himself inside his helmet as he changed the music volume via the controls on his Bluetooth helmet.

“To change the volume, you bring your fingers to the side of your helmet near the ear,” Jeffery said “It totally looks like I’m talking into an earpiece like they do in the movies.”

Sometimes, Jefferey will just turn the volume up and down just to look like he’s having a very important conversation about the fate of the human species.

“It might seem silly, but I really have no other reason to touch my Bluetooth device,” Jeffery said. “My riding playlist consists of just ‘Born to Be Wild’ on repeat.”



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