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Biker Blinded By Dark Shield & Windscreen Combo Can Only Imagine How Cool He Looks

A motorcyclist is in a dark place, literally, after his desire to look ‘dope AF’ has left him legally blind.

“Some people never get to see their loved ones or a sunset, but they’ll never know the pain of not being able to see how dope AF they look all stealthed out,” said Henry Keller. “I take plenty of Instagram photos, but we all know I probably look even better in person.”

After finding out that it’s possible to see through some dark shields in certain lighting, Henry also wears sunglasses underneath his helmet to ensure people can’t see how lame he looks without a helmet on.

“There’s no point in riding if others don’t see how cool you look,” Henry said. “That’s why I dress in gear that makes it almost impossible for others to see me in the first place.”

Rumor has it, Henry is waiting for the perfect sunny day to come along that will allow some light to penetrate multiple layers of tinted screens in front of his face – offering him a chance to finally see himself in his mirrors’ reflection.

“It turns out that even if the humidity is above 70%, it’s too overcast for me to see anything,” Henry said. “But I’m still confident that a day will come when the skies are as clear as the dorky visors that come standard on modular helmets.”

To be prepared when that day finally comes, Henry purchased some Rizoma stealth mirrors that he hopes will finally give him to get a good, clear, and in-no-way-pointless look.

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