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Ari Henning Thankful His Dreadlock Phase Is Over

There’s a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving if you’re Ari Henning, media lead & editor at RevZilla.

You got the best job in the world, you can scar 80% of his face/neck in an accident and still look better than most guys, and two things exist in the world: clean chains and 300cc race bikes. “It’s true, I’ve got a lot to be thankful for,” Ari said. “But if I had to choose one thing I’m most thankful for, it has to be that my dreadlock phase is in the past.”

Ari is referring to the length of time in which he rocked some gnarly dreadlocks as his hairstyle -- a phase heavily documented in motorcycle videos and articles scattered across the internet.

“It was actually Zack’s idea,” Ari said. “He said it complimented my intermediate-oval head shape, but I’m pretty sure it was a joke.”

When we reached out to Zack Courts -- Ari’s coworker and partner in crime -- to confirm this, he responded with just “Te he.”

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