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AMAZING: Daredevil Mounts Motorcycle From The Right Side

In a fantastic display of skill, bravery, and being over 6 feet tall, local motorcyclist Evan Knieval, has done the impossible: Mounted his Africa Twin motorcycle via the side opposite his kickstand. “I’ve been dreaming of this day for a long time,” Evan said. “I’d like to thank my girlfriend, parents, and lengthy inseam for helping me get to this point. It wasn’t an easy road.” For the past six months, Evan has been on a rigorous training schedule to get physically and mentally prepared for this challenge. “I started practicing on groms and cruisers before moving on to scramblers and sports bikes,” Evan said. “Once I was comfortable mounting each of these bikes in front of my riding buddies – specifically the ones who’d never let me hear the end of it if I dropped it – I knew I was ready for the big dogs.”

Evan chose to perform this stunt at the local Starbucks, the home base of his adventure riding buddies.

“It was nerve-wracking knowing that I had dozens of eyeballs on me, but I trusted in my training,” Evan said. “My first attempt I nearly pulled my groin trying to get my leg over the raised passenger seat, but then I remember my training and I did the goofy front kick technique that people do when they have way too much luggage strapped to the back. Worked like a charm.”

This isn’t the end for Evan, though.

“My next challenge is to just regularly mount any Yamaha dirt bike. F*ck those things.”

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