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Akrapovič Announces Name Change To Something Easier To Pronounce: Sjkotzgociffkorkyvič

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

SLOVENIA -- Exhaust system manufacturer, Akrapovič, announced today that the company will be changing its name after 31 years.

“It really is the end of an era, and we’re sad to see the name go,” said Jakob Novak, Chief Marketing Officer at Akrapovič. “That being said, we’re excited to see all the doors the new name will open up for us.”

The name change is in response to decades of foreigners taking to internet forums to argue over the correct way to pronounce a word in a language they know nothing about.

“It’s just embarrassing,” Jakob said.

In a bold effort to put an end to the ak-rah-poh-vick / a--krohp-o-vich debate, Akrapovič will now go by the name of Sjkotzgociffkorkyvič.

“Our goal was a simple one… create a name that rolls off the tongue,” Jakob said. “We were a little concerned that carrying over the ‘vič’ ending would throw people off, but overall I think mission accomplished.”

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