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After First MotoGP Win, Aprilia Updates Tagline To: ‘Be A Successful Racer’

Hot on the heels of their first-ever MotoGP win, Aprilia has announced today that they will be changing their motto from ‘be a racer’ to ‘be a successful racer.’ “This is a change we’ve wanted to make for years,” said Roberto Marino, Chief Marketing Officer at Aprilia. “But since we’re not Ducati, we can’t just make bold claims that we haven’t backed up yet.”

This first win after nearly a decade of trying is largely due to a change in mindset by Aprilia.

“We used to pride ourselves in having extremely race-oriented street bikes and street-oriented race bikes,” Roberto said. “But this year we had a revelation, why not make our race bikes half as exciting as our street bikes?”

Aprilia hopes that this new tagline will send Aprilia owners a clear message: They too can be race winners. All they have to do is dump tons of money and man-hours into R&D and become as talented as Aleix Espargaró – the Aprilia rider whose parents have unlocked some genetic cheat code that allows them to pop out MotoGP riders like Will and Jada Smith pop out disappointments.

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